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struggling with editing and need help?

We're here and happy to help you!

We'll learn all the ins and outs of your unique style and editing approach. Then, we'll put our technical skills to work, ensuring your galleries are timely AND consistently stunning! We edit in ALL styles and genres of photography.

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Working with Ioana from Wandery Editors has been the best business decision I have made! If you're considering hiring an editor, then you've found the best out there!

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How does the process work?

1. Consultation

We want to make sure we cater our edits to your specifications, so shoot us a message here & we'll chat about your business needs, your style, workload and  expectations.

2. Workflow & trial run

We work with Lightroom Smart Previews and anchor images -we will walk you through our super easy process to build the catalog and transfer your files into a specific Dropbox folder we create for you. We can do a free trial with up to 10 images to get a feel of the process or we can begin directly with a full gallery.

3. Down to business

Outsourcing your edits is a process, and it might take a gallery or two before we learn your style! But we're working hard to get your edits just right, so sit back and relax, you'll receive your gallery so soon!

4. Photos delivered

You'll receive your edits from us within 2-4 business days (for portrait galleries) or 4-7 business days (for weddings). Look them over and write down anything you want us to know! We welcome all feedback after receiving your gallery so that we can serve you best!

Services & Pricing



You will have your personal editor who will take time to learn your style and preferences. Our goal is to make your photos ready to be exported and delivered to your clients.




Overwhelmed at the thought of combing through all the 5000 photos you took at a wedding? You can pay 5 cents an image and we'll do the work for you.



Add-on services

custom quoted

Photoshop work, masking/brushes, skin retouching, B&W virtual copies, AI masks, background extension, people swapping etc.

TECH support for anything photography/editing related.

behind the camera (and keyboard)




Hi, friend!

We're the team behind Wandery Editors and Wandery Wedding Photography.

We started shooting weddings in 2018 and launched our editing business in 2019, and since then have worked with dozens of incredible photographers from around the world and edited hundreds of galleries.

We know that while wonderful, editing photos can take up most of a photographer's life, especially during the busy seasons. We're passionate about being excellent in everything we do and want to use our knowledge and creative eye to help you find the work/life balance few entrepreneurs know.

Where creativity, efficiency and profitability meet.

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