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Do you take one time clients?

Currently, we do not. Our goal is to work with clients long term to develop the best editing experience possible.

How do you learn to match my style?

We use anchor images for each gallery. These are photos you edit that we use as references. This could be 10 images or 50, but the more you edit, the more accurate they will be. Once we work together a few times, we won't need as many, but we recommend editing a photo for each location or lighting scenario.

Do you offer Photoshop edits?

We love working mostly in Lightroom, and offer skin retouching, masks and brushes. Those are generally for dodging shadowy faces, removing exit signs, light switch removal, or a few blemishes in the bridal portraits. Now, jobs like replacing Uncle Bob's eyes because he wouldn't stop blinking or a backdrop extension are priced higher, depending on what needs to be done. We can chat!